About Us

Reflection started as where can I find glitter that will stick? That doesn't need glue, that is fine enough for eye lids and lips? The struggle was apparent. There wasn't a cosmetic glitter that ticked all the boxes. 

Emily started her journey to find a glitter which ticked all the boxes. Back and forth she went with various concoctions of glitter until finally one day she stumbled across a glitter so fine, with so much sparkle, she just sat and admired it for a few minutes. The excitement kicked in, she knew in her heart, she had found the glitter. 

She tried the glitter on herself, quickly realising how easy it is to apply, with and without glue. Over lipstick and lip gloss. The excitement grew, she started playing with all the various colours, mixing and matching, sparkle everywhere. 

She slowly developed the collection that are available today. 

The glitters come with the safe knowledge that they are not tested on animals, they are cosmetically assured and they are all used by Emily on all her clients who want to experience the glimmer, the sparkle and the joy of being dazzling. 

Feel free to browse the site, please sign up to our mailing list and join us on social media. We would love to hear your views and share your pictures of the fun you have with our glitter.